facebook διαχειριση διαφημισεων for Dummies

και ως εκ τούτου δεν υπάρχουν "καλά" κράτη αστικής "δημοκρατίας" σε συνθήκες καπιταλισμού

σημείωση:ο μόνος λόγος που χρησιμοποιώ ονόματα σε αυτό το ποστ ειναι γιατί θα αναφερθώ σε άτομα που μόνα τους επέλεξαν να είναι επώνυμα σε αυτό τον χώρο του ιντερνετ όπως ειναι πχ ο γρηγόρης ιωάννου τον οποίο δεν γνώριζα πριν έρθω στην κύπρο και ενταχθώ μέσα σε κάποιες διαδικασίες του "χώρου"

o- on the flood-stricken rural communities while in the Philippines; which we shipped in collaboration With all the Filipino local immigrant community.

Marketplace causes it to be easy to locate new things you’ll adore, and locate a new property for that belongings you’re able to aspect with. We’ll go on to construct new options and features to generate this the top working experience for men and women. 

We invite any with the comrades from Athens and Patra to come pay a visit to us, stay with us, function with us should they like, or maybe use the pay a visit to as being a simple fact-discovering mission, rather than engaging in slander, libel, and distortion of our work.

Just to be certain it had been referring to precisely the same group, we purchased two added adverts using the expression “Jew hater” together with other phrases. The two instances, Facebook improved the advertisement concentrating on class “Jew hater” to “Antisemityzm” in its acceptance.

VERIFICADO I want artwork for your card recreation I am building. The cardboard match is based off Greek mythology, this means I will likely be searching for first art of various Greek gods, titans, together get more info with other mythological merchandise.

Cyprus is really a very small island region within the Japanese Mediterranean, invaded and occupied with the vastly exceptional military forces of Turkey armed with US weapons, through which they've enforced genocide and ethnic cleaning on us, causing 50 percent the populace to be displaced refugees.

Facebook spokesman Joe Osborne explained that they didn’t appear to are already commonly utilised. “We have looked at the usage of these audiences and strategies and it’s not typical or prevalent,” he claimed.

Participar agora Change architect drawings of a building into SketchUp 4 dias remaining Transform line drawings and flooring designs of the building into a SketchUp design / making designs.

Previous year, ProPublica also gathered a list of the advertising categories Facebook was delivering to advertisers. We downloaded in excess of 29,000 advertisement classes from Facebook’s ad program — and located types ranging from an interest in “Hungarian sausages” to “Men and women in homes which have an estimated family cash flow of between $100K and $125K.”

We believe that Indymedia is usually a conquest on the libertarian anti-authoritarian movement and that the particular situation of Cyprus Indymedia is a glaring dissonance.

Certainly one of our founding files that specially specials with values and ideas that Specific our opposition for the rule of Cash as well as Condition is titled "The Shorter Statement" and specials with numerous ranges and things of politics.

για μένα δεν τίθεται θέμα υποστήριξης οιασδήποτε κρατικής μορφής

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